<drags soapbox to center of town>

<stands up on said soapbox>

<adjusts mike and clears throat>


There is an issue needing to be addressed that’s been welling up within me for some time now.

Women apologize WAY too much. (Here’s a satirical video on the subject: http://videos.nymag.com/video/Inside-Amy-Schumer-I-m-Sorry#c=8680372DVZQXJ0MY&t=)

I’m sorry to admit that I’m a pathological apologizer.

^^^ See? Apologizing that I apologize. I can’t help myself. Sigh.

Even some of the posts on my wonderful FIT forum, with over a thousand like-minded ladies working diligently on a collective journey to health, prove that over-apologizing is a sad fact for females. Ladies say they are sorry even when they’re doing good things for their health and moving in the right direction.

Recently, our weekly theme was “One Small Step.”


Replacing the American flag with a poorly photoshopped FIT one was just an attention-getter, and I’ll save moon landing conspiracy theories for another post.

“One small step…” Participants were encouraged to earn points in the eight-week challenge by incorporating a small, health-related step in the right direction into their lives. What they did was up to them: adding a new facet of exercise, trying a new recipe, etc. Although we had fantastic results, some negativity still sneaked in. A few recent quotes from our group to prove my point (to be stated in my best attorney voice)…

Exhibit A: “I’m such a wimp. I could only finish half the tricep push-ups the right way.”

Exhibit B: “My split time was 12:30 (don’t laugh).”

Exhibit C: “This might not be much to some, but I did a half walk/run this morning.”

Exhibit D: “I only did 5 mile intervals…”

Exhibit E: “My push-ups are pathetic. I try, but I know it’s nothing even close to a proper push-up.”

If I could insert sound effects here, a “record scratch” or “abrupt silverware clink” would be perfect. Why are we APOLOGIZING and berating ourselves when we should be applauding ourselves for getting out there?

Cue inspirational photo.

Theeeere it is.

Theeeere it is.

Is it insecurity that we’re not good enough or worthy enough? Is it pride or the fear that we won’t live up to others’ accomplishments? There is simply no room for this thinking in our lives. II Corinthians 10:12 sums it up beautifully. “But they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” In other words, be the best YOU that you can possibly be. And in the meantime, stop apologizing for moves in the right direction. Put your “I am woman, hear me roar” game-face on and start hashtagging the fire out of #SorryNotSorry. It would make a great t-shirt, really.

Whoops. Someone beat me to it.

Whoops. Someone beat me to it.

Maybe I just have too much Pollyanna-esque glass-half-full mentality in me, but I like to think that funneling out the negative can only lead to good things.

Remember when she was GLAD she received the crutches because she had no need for them? That's my girl.

Remember when she was GLAD she received the crutches because she had no need for them? That’s my girl.

Be #SorryNotSorry that you attempted to work out today, even with a toddler cramping your style by sitting on your face during your crunches. If you ran a 13-minute mile, you’re still inspiring people. You RAN. Use that #SorryNotSorry hashtag proudly.

So here’s the challenge to ourselves: Be confident in our health-related accomplishments without having to throw in a bunch of disclaimers. There will always be women more fit than you, and yet there will always be women who would die to be able to do what you are doing. There are both sides to the story, so just tell your story.

<drops mike>

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